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Remote Control and Monitor using a mobile phone

Play video below from YouTube to see the Power Executive in action

The Power Executive is an innovative, low cost, and intelligent SMS switch that enables you to remotely control and monitor electrical Appliances with text messages from any mobile phone. Whether for a primary residence, a holiday home, an apartment or business property, the Power Executive is an inexpensive and easy to implement solution to most wireless control and monitor need

Power Executive

Unit Cost €350.00 + VAT


  • Receive SMS Alerts on faulty User Appliances, Mains Power interruptions and Sensor activations
  • Query and/or modify settings at any time
  • Compact and portable
  • Plug and play, simple to use
  • Wall mount option 
  • Self Contained - No electrical installation and no associated wiring costs


SMS notification takes place if the Appliance under control becomes faulty.  While the capability of SMS Appliance switching offers convenience, knowing that the Appliance is truly working is a reassuring bonus. Appliance Alerts also include SMS notification if the Appliance is manually switched from the Power Executive's front panel keypad. Of course, keypad operation could be prevented by enabling the keypad lock.


SMS alerts are sent when Mains Power failures and/or recoveries occur. Electrical appliances including heating, lighting, cooling, fridges, etc cease to operate during mains failures. Knowing when a power failure occurs offers the opportunity to take immediate corrective action when needed.


SMS notification also takes place when external actuators connected to the INPUT signal interface are activated. Actuators could include any of several types such as smoke detectors, temperature sensors, motion sensors, etc.


  • Multiple applications in the home and industrial environments
  • SMS Control and Monitor of Appliances including Heating Systems, Immersion, Air Conditioning, Lighting, Pumps and Out Stations
  • Easy to use dedicated SMS command words to switch and monitor Appliances
  • Includes SMS Timer for automated control scheduling, fully manageable under SMS
  • Easily connected to third party sensors and actuators, including motion sensors, shock sensors, door sensors, thermostats, etc

Frequency Bands Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
Operating Temperature 0C to +40C ambient temperature
Dimensions 220mm x 110mm x 45mm
Weight 0.85 kg approx
RoHS Compliant with the EU RoHS Directive
SIM Interface Supported SIM Card - 3V
SMS Text Messaging Mode
Antenna 50 Ohms
Display 2 Line Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), 16 characters per line
Indicators 3 Indicator Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
Keys 5 Key tactile Membrane Keypad
Appliance Connector Standard 3 Pin Mains Socket BS1363
Input Current 13 Amperes Max
Modes Constant ON/Constant OFF/Timer
Digital Inputs 2 Connections
Digital Outputs 2 Connections
Internal Battery Rechargeable Lithium-Ion, 3.7V nominal
DC Voltage Output 12V Nominal (20mA)

SIM Cards
While SIM cards from network providers including Vodafone, O2, Meteor, Orange, etc are used in the Power Executive, it is possible that SIM  cards from some network providers will only operate in specific mobile equipment they supply. For this reason it is recommended that you contact your chosen GSM network provider regards SIM operation in third party equipment prior to SIM purchase.
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