Programming Solutions Ltd.
Cork, Ireland
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Device Programming

PSL can program Logic, Flash and Microcontroller devices including BGA's, FPGA's, PAL's, GAL's PROMS,  EPROMS, EEPROMS, PIC's and Programmable clocks.

We program devices from most manufacturers including Intel, ST, Cypress, Lattice, Actel, Spansion, Microchip and Freescale.

Equipment available for BGA, MLF, TQFP, QFP, SSOP, TSOP, SO, SOJ, PLCC and PTH components

PSL is equipped with a variety of base units from BP Microsystems, Stag, Sedo, Microchip, Cypress, Xeltek, Xilinx and Quicklogic. PSL has a wide variety of gang and one up adapters to handle most component types.

Programming can be carried out from Master or file

All equipment is fully supported and updated regularly to ensure that all programming algorithms are current and that new devices are supported.

Control of programmes and masters is fully documented and revision history for all parts is fully maintained.

All quality systems are reviewed regularly to ensure that only correctly programmed components are supplied by PSL. Programmed component batch integrity and traceability is maintained and recorded. PSL is approved as a programmer of PLD (FPGA) devices for the aircraft industry.

Parts can be supplied on Trays, Tubes or Tape & Reel as required. Parts can be labelled, baked and vacuum-packed if required.

Coplanarity checking service is available if required.