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Quality Statement

PSL is certified to IS.EN.ISO 9001: 2015. Click to see ISO Certificate

It is the policy of Programming Solutions Ltd. to program and/or tape & reel products and or assemble components in accordance with customer requirements. All products and processes are controlled in compliance with the quality standards and procedures as described in the Quality Manual.

It is the intention of the company to meet and exceed customer requirements and to this end have implemented a quality system to reflect and embrace I.S. EN ISO 9001: 2015.

The PSL Quality system is designed to ensure that we consistently comply with customer specification. Customer satisfaction is dependent on our ability to provide rapid turnaround, a high level of flexibility and a high degree of service. The system is designed to ensure zero defect on all product prior to shipment. It is the companies policy to empower staff by means of in-house and external training to further personal development and experience. The company intends to maintain its ISO Certification. These are the prime elements necessary to enable us to attract and hold our customers.

It is company policy that the achievement of these objectives is the responsibility of each employee within the company. A Business Improvement Plan incorporating quality improvement issues is reviewed regularly at the PSL Management meetings.

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